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                             Mark Riemer

                                            1122 Covington Place Drive

                                            Rochester Hills, MI 48309

                                            Phone (248) 289-3218

                                            Web Site: WWW.WSBD.com

                                            e-Mail: WSBD@mail.com



                                Affordable web site designs to make it easy to get World Wide Web exposure.                                       

                             Call or email today for design and pricing and get published on the web.                                                 

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  e-Commerce at affordable pricing

   Required Web Hosting Server fee --------------------------- $100/year

   Required Domain Name -------------------------------------- $25/year 2 year minimum

   Dedicated IP Address ---------------------------------------- $4/month

   Standard Home page with company name,

   Site title, date and time stamp and contact information  -- $100

   Start up pachage includes standard home page,

   one year hosting contract, Domain name. ------------------ $225

   Ongoing suppport  --------------------------------------------- Call

   Custom Designs   --------------------------------------------- Call 


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